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from Metro, Work, Sleep in Paris...

My trail running adventure began during my expat years in the USA 11 years ago . But before, sport was not part of my life, like what, there is a beginning to everything. Coming from the "Corporate" world...I was then a salaried executive in a bank, a pawn among 3000 others, working on banking products, savings,  retirement, life insurance (yes yes) and it was not the shine. Open spaces, good and bad daily moods, acute meetingitis, coffee/cigarette breaks which are repeated infinitely often (hey, that reminds me of my DEA subject in math...), literally 'too-much sitting' got the better of my vitality. Subway, Work, Sleep. The desire to leave, to change my life came by chance but never left me until we took the plunge. Myself, having left my native Morocco, I saw myself adapting to another culture.

... to Quilt Designer & Runner N 'desperate housewife

Expat USA

The USA page starts in the state of FKC, I'll give it to you in thousand, it's Kentucky! Just the name, the guy at the embassy counter who issued us the visa was surprised: “I sure won't come visit you guys! ". It promises not? Never mind, we were determined. Imagine the differences between Paris, a life bubbling with culture, cosmopolitan in Elizabethtown, where the foreigner is either Mexican or there is not. So we had to integrate and with the English learned at school, in short, it's as if we hadn't learned anything because pronunciation there is really something! Try watching a Country movie and you'll see something like 'Hillbill Legacy'. In short, running will have saved me from depression, boredom and desperate housewife life, and will have allowed me to meet runners and make friends. When it comes to culture and art, I was pleasantly introduced to Quilting, the Patchwork of pioneers and slaves of America from yesteryear and which has continued to this day and I became addicted to it. Tutorials, videos will follow for you to enjoy, with 'Quilting Retreat'.

... to the world of ultratrail in the Atlas and the Moroccan Sahara!

The Morocco page begins after more than 5 American years, a period after which we ask ourselves the question for our future: stay there forever or return to the fold? France was sorely missed. But now an opportunity for a new expat in my native country this time, Morocco, is emerging. Wow, let's go! When you left Casablanca 30 years ago and come back, you no longer recognize anything and you become the foreigner again, I know this feeling, except that it is at your place this time. But as a beating Expat, integrating is my manifesto. And there again, the trail saved me by allowing me to flee Casablanca, which had become too noisy for my taste, and to finally visit my country that I had left too young and penniless and that in fact I did not know. The purchase of a piece of land that awaits me to build my retirement follows. My thirst for nature, you will have understood it finally has a name: living on permaculture and fresh water far from cities and closer to nature.

... My passion for Nature and Trailrunning triggered my desire to be a naturopath!

... Naturopath special Traileur you will become!

Between France and Morocco, my heart swings but I must preserve this common French who built the adult that I am and not forget my Moroccan identity inscribed in my DNA. Since January 2020, just before the pandemic (I had a thin nose I think 😊), I trained body and soul in Naturopathy to finally understand how the body works, to have the key to preserving my health naturally without pills. My training in naturopathy within the ENA & MNC echoes my personal journey, meetings that no doubt owe nothing to chance and will have allowed me to build my professional objective: to combine Trail and naturopathy. Hence the Naturo N'Trail concept of my thesis that you will find in my events and this site which I hope will make you want to read me, support me, inspire me because together, being united, closer of nature and therefore of ourselves, we will build better health, a better world.

MissNaturopathy is dedicated to your regained vitality and beauty

To help you, the human being behind the individual! If you want to feel good about yourself, understand the reason for your aches and pains, acute or chronic, that you would like to finally have the key to distinguishing these different signs of fatigue, nutritional deficiency, mental deficiencies, MissNaturopathy has mission to optimize you, both externally and internally. It's the only place where aesthetics and therapy come together to optimize your health and beauty.


My 100% natural methods will help you regain your vitality. So, become an active member of this site, follow me in social networks, and don't miss the Trail and nature courses that MissNaturopathy will organize in her current ecolodge/Permaculture in the little Moroccan Switzerland, at the edge of the forest of the Cedars of the Atlas. DIY, Maderotherapy and Healthy Cooking workshops will be offered to entertain everyone. See you soon !


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