15 natural remedies validated by science that you absolutely must know!

The miracle plant does not exist! The miracle is that you get interested in herbal medicine.

A few mixtures of plants, a few herbal teas… that will work wonders!

In herbal medicine, it is often a combination of 3 plants that will work miracles: Think Trio-Phyto.

Let's say you want to lose weight, but also you want maintain your health. Well, sorry but there is no miracle pill, nor a miracle plant, however a combination of several plants will have a synergy on you with and work wonder in give you a much more interesting result.

For the example of thinness, you don't want to lose weight by starving yourself, getting sick or going crazy, right?

Well, we will see that in herbal medicine, we can make real choices:

  • plants rich in caffeine will help us burn calories, as with caffeine extracts, guarana, mate, cola

  • other plants will help you drain, eliminate, and detoxify the digestive tract. Artichoke, black radish for the liver, piloselle etc. … We will increase the urinary flow. A well-drained and well-detoxified body loses weight better.

  • stress makes us snack. To avoid irrepressible cravings, plants like algae and containing Agar-agar or Guacame mucilages will swell in your stomach to create an effect of satiety, they are appetite suppressants. Trees like the Sylvan Givena take away the craving for sugar.

So you can see that without looking for a miracle product, with certain combinations of plants, we will establish a slimming program with healthy nutrition but without depriving ourselves and without suffering.

So, I am campaigning for a program at the level of herbal medicine but not on a kind of impulse of miracle product that we are going to take and after 2, 3 days saying that it does not work and we take another. ..everything will wear out.

While by generating a program, with the help of reference books in naturopathy, in herbal medicine, we can treat thinness, sleep, stress, cholesterol ... everything is a question of context and rebalancing of the body .

Men's Medicine

A drug is a molecule that will give order to our body, for anything that is acute drugs save thousands of lives every day. This is human medicine, it was created by humans. Order can be very important. The order has a knock-on effect called the side effect of the drug. And sometimes this effect can be extremely large and difficult to manage. It is human medicine.

Body's medicine

Then, we have the medicine of the body, and it is all our metabolism that will take control and it can be rebalanced and regulated by herbal medicine. When we take a plant or a mixture of plants, in decoction or herbal tea, there is no longer a single cell message, a single order but there are several messages that are sent. These messages are enveloped, I would say humanized, with tannins of the fibers of the antioxidants, ... and therefore the effect is more moderate, can sometimes be longer but respecting the body with less side effects

So which one to choose?

We must therefore never oppose these 2 medicines, human medicine and body medicine are infinitely complementary and infinitely useful even more in the 3rd millennium since 80% of pharmaceutical laboratories are in the process of buying laboratories dedicated to plants. So grandmother's remedies, herbal medicine, herbal mixture, yes it is a credible and extremely useful medicine!

But our ancestors then, how did they manage to discover these properties of plants?

What is fascinating is the traditional use that dates back thousands of years to a time when people used these plants without really knowing what was inside ... rosemary for digestion, eucalyptus for the bronchi, lavender for the skin… very often these traditional applications of plants are confirmed when scientists look at their components. This encounter between the empirical knowledge of the ancients and the technical knowledge of the moderns is just fascinating!

A few precautions before you start

There is a lot of information on the internet, very often from contradicting sources ... But how do you navigate this plethora of information on these grandmother's remedies. When it comes to our health, the following is very important!

The cradle of phytotherapy, and there is no doubt about it, is India, China, the Maghreb countries ... unfortunately, in the modern world, there are copies which do not guarantee the quality, the titration of the plant. For example, ginseng, must be rich in ginsenoside. We therefore need quality controls carried out by plant laboratories which guarantee this to us. As an example, as Dr Monteiro Da Rocha likes to quote in his lectures, there is as much difference between a titled plant and any plant as between a pile of sawdust and a Louis 15 chest of drawers. both are wood but it does not have the same appearance or the same use. There are unfortunately unscrupulous companies in foreign countries that will take a global plant, sell the most noble part, and all the scraps, all the residues at the level of fibers still coming from the plant will be resold ... they have the legal right to use the name of the plant, but unfortunately there are no assets left.

Without further ado, here is the list of my favorite remedies.

REMEDY 1 : Prunes against constipation

IThey contain fibers, mucilages and tannins and it is an ancestral remedy.

Not dry because they dry out the digestive tract to swell which ends up irritating the latter and this is not what we want.

My technique:

Swell in water the day before

Cook for 3 minutes

and eat lukewarm ... we go gradually since it has a dreadful effect : 1 then 2 the next day then 3 if necessary

REMEDY 2: Salt water for sore throat

Salt is powerfully bactericidal. Salt dissolves everything. Sea water cleans everything

Alternate gargling, it works miracles:

  • with lukewarm water

  • and the gargle with warm baking soda,

REMEDY 3: Aloe Vera for sore throat

Effective for the skin, healing, relieves burns.

Aloe Vera, drinkable gel, taken ice-cold. We leave it in the mouth, we gargle and then swallow it. It works miracles

Association: Aloe Vera, lemon, honey, clay, charcoal

REMEDY 4: Valerian Valeriana officinalis for better sleep

Think Trio phyto.

Lplants act in synergy with others. The effect is optimized.

  • Valeriana officinalis

  • lime tree

  • hawthorn

Think of the Indian plant: preferably organic: ashwaganda.

Trio phyto : Valeriana officinalis + Passion flower + Hop.

REMEDY 5: Honey and lemon juice for coughs

Association to soften the throat. Very effective.

REMEDY 6: Honey for sore throat

  • Soothing throat

  • anti inflammatory,

  • exceptional healing

REMEDY 7: Lemon


REMEDY 8: Garlic for colds

Very rich in natural antibiotics (Antibiotics are just mold in pills :)

The germ of garlic is very irritating to the digestive tract.

Easy recipe: Steamed garlic in foil, remove the germ and add honey and consume it.

Potato against burns ... Aloe Vera is even better!

Raw, grated ... it will draw the fire as we said, bringing freshness, it will reduce the inflammation. Other remedies are much more effective!

Aloe Vera, diluted honey, lavender essential oil should be handled with care in light burns. The helichrise. Water diluted with baking soda

REMEDY 9: Rosemary for bloating