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Be like Water

Today we’ll explore how to become more like water

The other day I was sitting by a river,

Observing the water as it run by me,

Listening to the sound of small rapid

as the water flows over some rocks

in a particular spot

then it struck me !

I was reminded of the simplest idea

that in many aspects of our lives

We can relieve ourselves of a lot of unnecessary suffering

when we try to become more like water

Because rather than resisting the current

water just flows with it,

becomes it

And flows from snowy mountains out to the sea

Water traveling its long journey

maybe encountering rocks, or other obstacles along the way

and when it doesn’t count as such obstacles

water finds a way forward, always

When faced with a bunch of small rocks in a river,

water adapts changing its shape so that it can smoothly and effortlessly navigate around them

and continues its way

Even when the obstacles are larger,

water persists making its way thru the tiniest of paths

Over time with patience and perseverance

water can eventually carve through the mightiest of mountains

creating spectacular canyons and valleys as far as the eye can see

so, the next time you encounter resistance,

whether it’s an unsettled mind

or a difficult conversation you find yourself in with another,

rather than resisting

or struggling with it

which only depletes your energy,

see if you can embrace it

Work with it

Maybe even effortlessly flow around it

Or patiently carve through it

Be like water

Allow yourself to step into the current

To become a part of the current

The forward progression and see with acceptance of what is, may take you

As Ovid wrote,

"dripping water hollows out stones not through force but through persistence"

So, for a moment just notice today

what’s going on for you

Maybe the mind feels calm and at ease

Or maybe the mind is a little bit restless

Whatever arises

Just notice it and breath

@downdog : inspired from my meditation app which I really love by the way

Let me know in the comments if you'll apply this idea in your life.

I confess that it's easy to say than to do but with practice and envy to do well we all can be more like water.

Sources :

Pexel : photos


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