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Did Not Finish...How to get over it & what to do next

Updated: Sep 26, 2021

Or the "marathoner's wall"

What if it was simply a lack of these 3 neurotransmitters:

  • - dopamine, role of starter

  • - noradrenaline, accelerator of the action

  • - adrenaline, persistence of the action

What if, it is actually a lack of Tyrosine! An Amino Acid that plays a key role as the precursor of these 3 culprits;)

But where did this Tyrosine go?...

👉 In fact, it's all about sugar storage getting depleted during the race! The body will try to manufacture sugar at any cost, even using sources other than carbohydrates, such as Tyrosine.

👉 Why only carbohydrates ?

Because the brain only relies on glucose. Therefore, Tyrosine suddenly diminishes in the bloodstream and ... there will no longer be enough of it to manufacture the 3 neurotransmitters mentioned.

✋In order to avoid this phenomenon it is advisable to take regularly during the effort of carbohydrates in the form of drinks or energy bars.

👀 where is Tyrosine found?

In bananas 🍌 eggs 🍳 almonds wheat germ avocado 🥑 and cheese

A Moroccan drink in an American jar! Mogador is served in most coffeehouses, restaurants, very familiar in Morocco. And after a run, you feel full instantly I promise.

Here is the recipe :

- 1 avocado

- 1 banana

- some whole almonds

- 2 dates

- dried raisins

- milk of your choice

Then, easy blend it, drink it and yeah tell me how you like it or not.

I add some melted chocolate on top just because...:)


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