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Vitamin C, KESAKO ?

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

It is wintertime, that time of year where you hear people coughing, sneezing, dealing with the flu…so vitamin C to boost your immune system is the way to go. But instead of rushing you guys to the next Walgreens buy some synthetic pills, let us try another alternative, that I personally recommend.

People think that the number of vitamin pills is important but actually its more about eating the right food in the right balance that you get the right nutrients that you need. One carrot a day will give you all the vitamin A that you need. When you eat a carrot or a citrus, vitamins are released in the blood stream beginning a complex molecular dance. Take vitamin A, our body takes it from a molecule called Beta-Carotten and transforms it into forms of vitamin A that are important for sight, immune system…

But first, let’s do some history

We cannot hear, touch, smell, think, touch, sense, taste, read, without these 13 vitamins, they don’t keep us alive, they are alive. What happens when we don’t have enough, the body functions fail. Vitamin C can’t be produced by our body neither stored, and it is crucial for metabolic reactions within the body as are all the vitamins and minerals. Sailors in the navy learned it the hard way, remember.

Scurvy was devastating among sailors. The link between Scurvy and diet was proven true gradually and forgotten.

This old idea has been discovered in 1747, when a Scottish ship surgeon, Dr James Lind run a controlled clinical trying among the sailors.

He has seen the horrors of scurvy firsthand. He took 12 men with scurvy and split them into pairs. Each pair was given ships ration plus one of these remedies of the time : Cider, vinegar, sea water, something called elixir vitriol made from sulfuric acid, a concoction of garlic and mustard or orange and some lemons. The 2 sailors who had been receiving citrus fruit had made a remarkable recovery. The cider pair has somewhat improved, the others deteriorate to death.

There is no doubt that fresh fruits and vegetables cured Scurvy. It’s only 48 years after this historic experiment, and 1 year after Lind’s death, that the British navy actually started supplying their sailors with citrus fruit. But today, it seems that this knowledge has been forgotten once again. Today, some people are only eating white bread and cheese for years, no fruits, no vegetables, and are having a disease common from the 18th century, Scurvy! A disease we thought people don’t have anymore.

Hints and Tips before buying vitamin C

There are in fact two families: Asperids (orange, lemon, etc.) and Acerola, the other family derived from cranberries.

Acerola family, will generate mucus, by creating enzymes that prevent bacteria from rising in the gut. It slips… to be taken morning evening.A quick note in passing: Here and there we read, beware of Hypervitaminosis = if> 4 g of vitamins ... blah blah. In reality, we can go up to 8g, without problem with natural vitamins C, because it will release toxins, pollutants in the body, ...There is a Nobel Prize winner, Linus Pauling, who prescribed 4 g of vitamin C: Hypervitaminosis yes except vitamin C! Natural vitamin C, therefore natural ascorbic acid, is degradable with heat. One teaspoon = 6 g of vitamin C. For children, decrease by half, until 14 years.

Acerola powder!It is my natural source of vitamin C.

A teaspoon gives me about 150 mg of vitamin C. But what is acerola powder?Alternately known as Barbados or the West Indian cherry, it is believed that acerola berries are native to Yucatan.In addition to large amounts of vitamin C, acerola contains vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, carotenoids and bi-flavonoids.It is packed with nutrients.It helps the body build collagen, heal wounds, strengthen teeth and bones, fight cancer, ward off flu, and fight colds.No wonder it is considered a "Super Fruit".

Today's recipe

So when I want to fight a cold or the flu I mix a few teaspoons of Acerolla powder with water and drink it-

Or this smoothie:

1 ripe avocado,

1 frozen banana,

1-2 teaspoons of acerola powder,

1/2 cup of applesauce,

1 cup of water

1 / 4-1 teaspoon of spirulina

Put all the ingredients in a blender.Reduce to a smooth puree.Enjoy your meal

Tell me in the comments your own technique to fight winter ailments, colds etc !

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