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What is Massage Therapy?

Science validates the anti-stress effects (decreased cortisol) and activating effects (increased serotonin and dopamine) of massage therapy on a variety of medical conditions and stressful experiences.


Studies show that the stress hormone cortisol, measured in saliva or urine, had decreased by 31%. The neurotransmitters (serotonin and dopamine), measured in the urine, had increased by 28% and 31% respectively.


Other studies show that 12 min/day of a simple hug boosts the immune system.


Others claim that touch is 10 times stronger than any verbal or emotional touch: a 1/4 second touch makes the giver kinder and the environment less hostile.  


In fact, the massage itself does not bring much to the body. However, he stimulates him through the power of touch, which has the effect of helping him perform his duties normally.






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