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Welcome to my realm



Trained at the ENA&MNC school in 2020 with 1490 hours of lessons, OMNES approved naturopath, as well as the à la carte modules of the creator of the wikiphyto Doctor Morel , I have always been passionate about natural medicines and authentic things.


My specializations

Passionate about the human body, I decided to specialize in care by touch.
Passionate about Nature, I decided to use wood, cold and plants in my massages and treatments.
Passionate about sport, I decided to organize trail running courses in the great outdoors in my native country.

My philosophy


  Each being is different and requires special attention.


My Techniques

I propose to help the woman especially  because rare are the moments when she can really ask herself and think only of her physical and mental well-being. "If women gave up, the world would fall apart", said an African proverb.


physical side

Maderotherapy sessions to feel beautiful

Hammam sessions at the Spa to feel soft

Massage sessions to feel good , to recharge in serotonin, which will give you this new impetus which will not solve his problems but which will allow him to see them from another angle

Tips for healthy eating

Psychic side

Ensure that my physical, internal, emotional nervous motor is in good condition

Make sport a moment of connection with oneself.

Breathe as many times as possible per day. It'll give his brain breaks.


I propose to help the athlete who wishes to prevent recurrent injuries, promote recovery, improve his performance

  • Lifestyle rituals

  • Management of muscle and joint pain and injuries by cryo, phyto and Masso therapy

  • sleep management

  • power management,  macronutrients and micronutrients.

  • Hydration management   



I propose to help the senior who wants to avoid the spiral of undernutrition: which can be due to bad teeth, loss of taste and loss of vital momentum.

  • Breathing: This need can be disturbed in the elderly due to cardiac or respiratory pathologies. Aging is often accompanied by loss of sense of smell.

  • Sport at any age: It is important to exercise to maintain your breathing capacity.

  • Osteoporosis: Managing acute and chronic pain through herbal medicine.

  • Food: If the allows to preserve its bone mass, a good diet providing phosphorus, magnesium, fluorine and calcium, minerals, constituting our bones as well as vitamins D and K. These minerals are not produced naturally by our body. They must therefore be supplied exclusively by the diet.

  • Sleep: management of difficulties in falling asleep, nocturnal awakenings, sleep apnea… the aim is to identify the factors favoring insomnia and eliminate them.




Who am I ?

Mom x2, and expat x3, USA, Morocco, France, it is running in the great outdoors that kept my sanity, allowed me meeting people, learning new languages new cultures, and immerse in 3 continents, 3 countries, 3 religions.

As a certified naturopathe ENA & MNC , I am now committed to helping athletes of all levels find the root cause of their health problems, in order to last, injuries free.  I now propose a holistic approach, a unique form of naturopathic consultation which considers the impact of nutrition, mental and body toning on performance and endurance in life.

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