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Welcome to my practice in Maderotherapy
Aesthetic & Therapeutic treatments
A unique place: Lunaisens in Dole


Hello, hello,  my name is Latifa Chatrieux  and I am a naturopath specializing in maderotherapy .  

I do home consultations . I also do introductory workshops.


The most effective massage to eliminate cellulite

Maderotherapy (therapy with wooden instruments) is a therapy originating in Colombia and based on the use of wooden tools of anatomical design, which make the therapy 100% natural without allergic reactions of the skin. This therapy is an alternative to regular massage for clients with disproportionate fat deposits and cellulite.

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Massage therapy

The massage releases muscle tension, firms and tones the muscles, activates blood circulation and the lymphatic system. Lymphatic drainage and blood circulation are promoted and are beneficial for the skin, the largest organ in our body. It directs to the exit the waste products accumulated in the muscles such as carbon dioxide, urea and lactic acid. By helping to eliminate lactic acid, the muscle is relaxed. This is followed by a feeling of well-being thanks to the hormone of wellness, endorphin.

  • Sports massage

  • Californian Massage

  • Massage by zone

  • Relaxing massage

  • Lymphatic drainage

Plantar & Facial

We will offer you a moment of relaxation and especially the opportunity to work on the relaxation of the whole body. Reflexology is a technique of traditional Chinese medicine which considers that if we take care of the foot, it will take care of us.


The foot is where more than 7000 nerve end, we work on reflex zones mapping the whole body within your feet. For example, on a stressed person, breathing will not be fluid and by applying pressure on the reflex zone of the diaphragm, we will allow a more fluid circulation of breath and energy.

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In fact, being and staying healthy can be learned like any other skill.

Natural, preventive, following the precepts of Hippocrates, it's just like traditional Chinese medicine or Ayurveda,  our traditional Western medicine. I am committed to helping you find the root cause of your health problems and fixing the cause by natural treatments.

A naturopath is your coach of health who thrives to make his client the main actor of his self-healing.

The methods used are 100% natural: Food, Aromatherapy, herbal medicine, manual techniques, exercise, breathing... the naturopath puts his knowledge of anatomy and physiology at your service, taking each individual as a whole, physicaly, psychologicaly and emotionaly.



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