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Naturopathy aims to awaken the medicine of the body by mixing different natural practices with the aim of encouraging the body to find its own way to healing and well-being. It does not claim to cure but to give everyone the keys to take charge of their health.


Naturopathy does not replace medical advice or medical treatment. In certain pathologies, it then intervenes in addition.


In fact, who better than the body can decide to heal.

Imagine a shoulder problem that dislocates from its location. The best surgeon in the world will indeed be able to put it back in place, but it is then the patient's body that will decide on the cure. And this regardless of the treatment administered. The medicine of the body and the medicine of man, created by man, are truly the winning duo for healing.

The practice of a naturopathic session

The session begins with a time for discussion in a space of non-judgment, benevolence, and total confidentiality without preconceptions, which allows you to talk about 3 axes which are family, work and the couple, the reason for the visit, the week that has passed, eating habits, lifestyle, family environment, professional… Always in this constant search for the root causes of disturbances.

  • A manual practice to soothe the mind and body

  • Exercises and practical advice to integrate in the coming weeks

  • A time to share your feelings

  • A moment of discussion at the end of the session during which you will be able to express what you have experienced during the exercises and techniques

  • The techniques learned can then be reused in all circumstances and according to your needs, at home or in your professional environment. Everyone finds and appropriates the tools that correspond to them and suit them.

The location of a naturopathic session

Partnership with LUNAISENS, a magnificent Doloise sports hall.

MissNaturopathy brings a contemporary and timeless wind to your health and beauty rituals.

The only place in Dole specialized in Maderotherapy!!


Plaquette A3.jpg

Cabinet Optimise is the only address in Dole where aesthetic and therapeutic treatments combine for your well-being.


This is the place to go to optimize:

- your health with Naturopathy

- and your beauty with Maderotherapy .

My therapies, are 100% natural, non-invasive and without contraindications

: I use wood, cold, plants and massage.

The Spa Area is equipped with a shower and private toilets where you can come right after a workout session or an intense and stressful day at work.

Nothing to worry about or try to settle, just show up and optimize daily.

By aligning your mind, body and breath with our variety of therapies, we are committed to helping you be the main responsible of your health choices.

you can start taking responsibility for your own health today.

combining the natural healing power of  elements of nature, ancient wisdom and modern science to optimize your health.

Schedule your first visit today and begin your daily wellness and aesthetic practice with me.


Phytotherapy is the art of healing using plants. It is one of the oldest techniques that man, like animals, has used. Nature offers us an immense and largely unrecognized and forgotten reservoir. It even offers us the possibility of never being sick!

Food plants, what are they if not preventive substances since they maintain our good health, strengthening our ground to protect us from disease?

Plants succeed where chemical drugs are powerless, drugs causing further intoxication of the body with their side effects predisposing to other so-called iatrogenic diseases.


There are many ways to use plants in the form of so-called "galenic" preparations.

  • Either by consuming them as they are in our diet. This is the case of many aromatic plants, fruits or vegetables used (also) for preventive or therapeutic purposes.

  • Either by using them in the form of infusion, decoctions, maceration, extracts, etc.



Why use phytotherapy

It provides equivalent or even better results in the long term compared to those of mono-molecular chemotherapy:


– by the properties of plants that can be used as anti-inflammatory, analgesic, but also trophic for the support tissue, remineralizing

– by the interest of drainage in these chronic, painful diseases, generating metabolic residues (urates, lactates, various acids)

-> osteoarthritis, chronic arthritis, metabolic arthropathy…


Phytotherapy is only exceptionally iatrogenic. In the discipline of rheumatology, herbal medicine remains an important ally:

– Anti-inflammatories

– Analgesics

– Corticosteroids

– Immunosuppressants


Let us widely use plant anti-inflammatories in first intention, and conventional treatments in second intention.

How does Herbal medicine work?

When choosing herbal medicine, it is not a question of replacing the little chemical pill, the medicine, with a plant. The approach is to act on the symptom and on the ground.

The naturopath will advise you to keep a diary of the disorder. Example, for a migraine, it is a question of noting when they arrive, what intensity, what you had done the day before, what you ate, the quality of your sleep, the state of stress, etc.

From there we can start to make cause and effect correlations by listing the triggering factors, the favoring factors.

For our migraine example, if stress is a trigger, I can work on my stress with herbs and relaxation. If periods of poor sleep cause me migraines, certain plants can regulate my sleep.

So real progress using plants in a comprehensive, holistic way will follow. By getting out of the obsession with the symptom, you will literally rediscover yourself by doing this work of flattening your lifestyle and improving your health in a significant way.



It is a branch of phytotherapy which consists in using only the active principles which have been extracted from the plant for their medicinal properties. These are essential oils.

The handling of essential oils is a discipline that cannot be improvised in the athlete as its active ingredients are concentrated. On the other hand, it has its place as complementary medicine. HE will provide anti-inflammatory, healing, relaxing, analgesic, anti-infective and soothing properties.

Clay therapy

With tissue regeneration that reduces scars during injuries, clay in addition to being healing is stimulating, thanks to the many trace elements. In case of general fatigue, it re-mineralizes thanks to minerals that can prevent ligament difficulties. It has a draining effect on wounds, suppuration, and allows the resolution of oedemas. It also has an anti-inflammatory effect, adsorbing bacteria, viruses and toxins that produce inflammation. Finally sedative, by notable reduction of the pain. It is effective against contractures. The application can be done internally and externally.

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