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Apricot kernels a remedy to cancer, can this be true ?

Updated: Sep 26, 2021

Have you ever heard of vitamin B17 ? It is actually kernels of wild apricot trees. In the Himalayan mountains in the north of Pakistan, the inhabitants, the Hunzas, who live cancer free are fond of it.

This incredible discovery belongs to two doctors, father and son, the Krebs. The Apricot kernels are very rich in nitrilosides, a substance also found in almond kernels, peach seeds, apple seeds (pectin), millet, bean sprouts, buckwheat ... But only apricot kernels are effective against cancer according to the Krebs who have extracted and defined the active principle of nitrilosides: Laetrile. This Laetrile was then cataloged vitamin B17.

Among the Hunzakuts, a man's wealth is measured by the number of apricot trees he owns. They consume 100 to 200 times more B17 than the average American. The Journal of the American Medical Association of January 7, 1922 states: "The Hunzas have no known incidence with cancer. They enjoy a bountiful crop of apricots. They dry them in the sun, they use them in much of their diet ".

Why haven't we heard of vitamin B17?

Since this discovery, the Cancer industry has suppressed this information altogether and made it illegal to obtain vitamin B17 by making advertisements incriminating B17 alluding it contains deadly amounts of cyanide, which is false information! Here is why: Each molecule of B17 synergistically contains harmlessly as often happens in natural products, one molecule of hydrogen cyanide, one of benzaldehyde, and two of glucose that are completely locked together. For cyanide to become dangerous, it would have to be unlocked from the B17 molecule. However, this can only be done via an enzyme, beta-glucosidase, which is present in the human body in tiny quantities but, on the other hand, in large quantities in cancer cells. Remarkably interesting! The result is devastating with the simultaneous unlocking of Benzaldehyde, which is a deadly poison, when it teams up with cyanide. Cancer cells are literally disintegrated!

Is this remedy a threat for healthy cells ?

However, you should know that in healthy tissue, there is another enzyme, rhodanesi, in greater quantities than beta-glucosidase. It can completely break down cyanide and benzaldehyde into thiocyanate (harmless) and salicylate (painkiller precursor to aspirin). Especially since malignant cancer cells do not contain rhodanesi, which leaves them completely at the mercy of the two deadly poisons, cyanide, and benzaldehyde. This whole process is called "SELECTIVE TOXICITY", since only the ill cells are destroyed. Treatment with vitamin B17 therefore presents no danger for normal and healthy cells (which is far from the case with chemo). that is awfully bad news for the chemo and cancer industry. Apricot seeds are within reach of any wallet! Aggressive and expensive drug cocktails of chemo are more profitable ...


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